John Lennon's Chilhood Home To Be Auctioned

A red house, where John Lennon grew up, will be auctioned in Liverpool on 29 October. The house is addressed at no.9 Newcastle Road in Wavertree, Liverpool. John lived in that house with both parents and grandparents since the day he was born, October 9, 1940 until the age of five y.o. After that, John moved into his aunt and uncle, Mimi and George Smith. Even so, John is still visited the red house.In fact, it is believed if the song One After 909 (album LET IT BE) is written in that house.

john lennon black and white

John Lennon's House Price Range

Priced between $240,000 and $320,000 with three bedrooms, this home will be sought. But the owner of the auction house should make sure, the next prospective owner must be a fan of The Beatles.

9 Newcastle Road, Wavertree - Liverpool
John Lennon's chilhood house

"I have to be sure the house was not going to be transformed, it reflects the period 1960, when The beatles shook the world with their rock 'n roll. Primary structure of the house should be maintained as it was when John lived here in the 1940's," said the owner of the anonymity.