5 Best Pop Songs To Learn to Play Guitar

Could play a guitar may be the dream of most people. The guitar has become one of the musical instrument which is mandatory for those of you who love to sing. Well.., it's never too late if you want to learn. In this list, we present 5 songs are best suited for learning to play guitar. If you pass and can smoothly play these songs, you could say you are ready with the other songs, which is certainly more difficult.

learn how to play guitar

A Thousand Years

This song is certainly being familiar to fans of The Twilight Saga sequel. The singer, Christina Perri, rising fame due to the success of this song which topped many prestigious charts around the world.

Someone Like You

Someone Like You, a song popularized by Adele is also suitable for beginners to learn to play the guitar. You will not find any significant difficulties because thr song uses basic chords.

I'm Yours

One of the hits from Jason Mraz, I'm Yours is also ideal for those who want to learn to play the guitar. You'll not find it too difficult to learn this song. If you already play it smoothly, you can show off your skills in front of dear ones. How Sweet....!!!

Little Things

Are you a fan of One Direction? Be prepared to practice this song with a guitar, because it's quite easy to learn. Chords that you will learn in this song is a basic chord, such as C, G, D, with slight variations.


The song was popularized by the American alternative rock band Goo Goo Dolls. Because of the popularity, many other musicians make a recycled version of this song, such as Avril Lavigne, Ronan Keating, and Taylor Swift.

The chords are so easy because you only need to master three basic chords to play this song refrain parts (E minor, D, and C).